Does Potential CPE report my course completions to the IRS?

Yes. All courses for which you receive a passing score are reported to the IRS for continuing education as long as you have provided us your PTIN.


New course credits are reported to the IRS PTIN system weekly. Please note that it can sometimes take the IRS up to 48 hours to post credits in your online PTIN account after they have been reported.

Are courses from Potential CPE approved by the IRS?

Yes. We are an IRS Approved Continuing Education Provider and our Provider ID is ZAEFQ.

Do courses from Potential CPE qualify for credit for Enrolled Agents?

Yes, Potential CPE courses qualify for credit for Enrolled Agents.

What are the continuing education requirements for Enrolled Agents?

Enrolled Agents are required to complete 72 hours of IRS-approved continuing education in the 3 year period immediately preceding license renewal. There is also a minimum of 16 hours per calendar year required, including 2 hours of ethics.

What format are the courses presented in?

Our on-demand webinars are available 24/7/365.

What happens if I don’t pass my exam on my first try?

You can retake each final exam as many times as you need to. The course will remain available until you pass the exam. To retake an exam click the Take Exam button.

Can I complete Potential CPE courses on a tablet or smartphone?

Yes, all aspects of our courses are fully compatible with Apple iOS, Android and Kindle. (is this accurate? Any other platforms?) [NEED TO UPDATE]

Does Potential CPE have any firm offerings or discounts?

Not currently, but we are always looking to improve. E-mail us at support@potentialcpe-staging.mvkbdlj7-liquidwebsites.com with a description of your firms needs and we’ll do our best to increase your Potential.